Ormus Earth Minerals by Global Healing 60ml Bottle
ORMUS Earth Minerals
ORMUS Earth Minerals

Sourced from over 40 hand-selected locations, ORMUS Earth Minerals is a blend of energetically enhanced precious trace metals and minerals used to support high consciousness states. Global Healing have created the ultimate combination of concentrated ORMUS sourced worldwide, which are purified, and restructured into this unique formula.

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Ormus Earth Minerals Promotes Vibrational Energy And Aids Meditation
What Are ORMUS Earth Minerals?

Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements,also known as ORMEs are free-range, high-spin elements separated from their source’s natural structure and contained in ORMUS Earth Minerals.

Because they are free-floating in their smallest state, they can easily be assimilated and utilised in the body, creating a 'superconductivity highway' for energy transfer between cells, with no net loss of energy.

The source materials used in the making of ORMUS Earth Minerals originate from all over the world. Unique crystals from high-vibrational earth locations are gathered, purified, and restructured in Global Healings special formula

Global Healing have found the best sources of ORMUS and combined the perfect trifecta into an ultra-energetic formulation — ORMUS Precious Metal Blend, ORMUS Supercharged Minerals, and Global Salt™ Trace Minerals.

You’ll support cellular health through these specially calibrated monatomic trace minerals and metals.

Benefits of Ormus Earth Minerals

You are a living energy field, and vibrational energy can cause changes in your cells, which in turn can then affect how your body functions

Encourages Centered State of Being

With ORMUS Earth Minerals, you’ll strengthen your mind-body connection, enhance your sleep, and support focus and clarity of thought.

Supports Vibrational Energy

By supporting your natural energetic field with ORMUS Earth Minerals, you'll connect to your highest potential while feeling energised and awakened.

Supercharges Cellular Health

You’ll provide elemental nourishment to your cells to support their ability to transfer electric impulses to encourage faster, clearer communication.

Whats In Ormus Earth Minerals

Global Healing ORMUS Earth Minerals Precious Metal Blend

Precious Metal Blend

Global Healings blend features five precious monoatomic metals (rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, and palladium) selected for their high vibrational energy and unique elemental health benefits.

Global Healing ORMUS Earth Minerals Supercharged Minerals

Supercharged Minerals

This broad-spectrum ORMUS trace mineral complex provides a pure source of monatomic elements made using traditional methods developed over a thousand years ago. This alkaline blend supports cellular detoxification and metabolism.

Global Healing ORMUS Earth Minerals Global Salt Trace Minerals

Global Salt™ Trace Minerals

Collected from more than 40 hand-selected sacred sea locations across the globe, these salt trace minerals promote cellular conductivity and support nutrient transport.

Whats Do Ormus Earth Minerals Do?

  • Supports High Vibrational State - Helps raise high vibrational emotions of love, joy, peace, and gratitude by releasing feelings of heaviness. Helps avoid low-vibrating emotions such as stress, guilt, fear, shame, and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Promotes Energetic Vitality - ORMUS is a powerful tool that encourages the body to tap into its communication pathways within the brain and nervous system. Helps support your state of being, including a positive outlook and feelings of centeredness.
  • Encourages Conscious Clarity - Clear the mind of negativity and set an intention of focus, balance, and mental clarity to find a deeper connection with consciousness, self, and the outer world. Rare Earth elements support cellular communication pathways.
  • High-Quality - ORMUS Earth Minerals is a blend of energetically enhanced precious trace metals and minerals used to support high consciousness states. Features monoatomic elements combined with sacred alchemical principles for maximum energetic value.

Ingredients & Usage

ORMUS Precious Metal Blend (rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, palladium), ORMUS Supercharged Minerals, Global Salt™ Trace Mineral Blend

Shake bottle well.

Take 1 ml twice daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.