A Year To Love It

We want you to love the products that you have ordered. If you're happy, then we're happy. If not, then we and Global Healing offer a 'Year To Love It' refund policy. We offer this service, with some exceptions, which are listed below.

Multiple Items

We will not refund multiple items (unless bought in a cleanse kit) per order. In other words, we will not accept someone buying 3 or 4 items, trying them all at once, then requesting a refund for all 4 items saying they don't like them. We are offering this service as an extension to your refund rights at our discretion, to allow you to try a product and if it doesn't work as you think it should, return it for a refund. We retain the right to refuse your return if we feel this offer is being abused in any way. 


Cash refunds will only be applied for return requests returned and received within 60 days of purchase. Returns accepted after 60 days will be refunded in the form of store credit, and will last for 90 days from the date of issue.

Sale Items

We occasionally offer Global Healing products at a discounted sale price, if the items have a close expiry date, have been re-branded, or have been discontinued. Sale items are excluded from the 'Year To Love It' refund policy, but can be returned unopened as per our standard returns policy within 14 days.

Return Details

1. The used item/s must be returned to us before we can issue a refund.

2. You will be refunded minus a 10% handling fee. This is to cover our costs for picking, packing and shipping the goods to you, as well as unpacking the return, checking the contents and disposing of the opened items. If you have chosen to use our postage for your return, this will also be deducted from your return.

3. You may only return 1 of each product range, per account, per address. 

4. We will only refund items if it is the first time you have purchased the product. You will not be able to claim for a product if you have previously purchased this product line on a previous order. 

5. You must give us a reason for the return, This helps us feed back to Global Healing, as well as help them improve education of the product, and assists future formulations. 

6. Once your return is approved, you have 7 calendar days to send the goods back to us (not for us to receive the goods). Returns sent after this date will not be accepted and will be disposed of without refund.



To request a return, please use this link 



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