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Gut Health Kit

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What is the Gut Health Kit?

The Gut Health Kit is a 30-day program to reset your gut. It combines Global Healing Center’s best gut health products into one incredibly effective program that will cleanse your gut, balance your microbiota, and lay the foundation for abdominal comfort and peace. The Gut Health Kit is a full system for success and includes step-by-step kit instructions, 30-day organic diet guidelines, and a digital copy of Dr. Group’s best-selling book, The Green Body Cleanse. Make the investment into the Gut Health Kit today and experience true internal balance.

The Gut Health Kit includes:


Oxy-Powder® (60 capsules)

Using a time-released delivery to continuously provide oxygen, Oxy-Powder® provides the cleansing action necessary to melt away compaction from your small intestine, large intestine, and colon. Oxy-Powder® is non-toxic, safe, effective, and non-allergenic.

Benefits of Oxy-Powder®:

  • Promotes colon health and regularity
  • Proven effective in independent clinical trials
  • Used by doctors and therapists worldwide
  • None of the side effects that accompany herbal laxatives



Benefits of Veganzyme®:

  • VeganZyme is an advanced blend of plant-based, digestive and systemic enzymes that enhance digestion and support the body's processes.
  • Digestive enzymes aid the digestive process by breaking down food and releasing nutrients. They may also help to reduce gas, bloating, or abdominal discomfort caused by sensitivity to certain foods.
  • Systemic enzymes are to the body what oil is to an engine—they promote normal function and keep everything running smoothly.

Benefits of Floratrex®:

  • A daily probiotic is a natural solution to optimize and balance intestinal flora; Floratrex is one of the most advanced probiotic supplements available.
  • The complete, vegan formula provides 23 of the best probiotic strains to strengthen the microbiota, support digestion, and encourage bowel regularity.
  • Floratrex is fortified with prebiotics to help probiotic colonies thrive, and fulvic acid for maximum bioavailability.

Benefits of Alloe Fuzion®:

  • As the gold standard for Aloe vera capsules, Aloe Fuzion is an incredible source of powerful antioxidants and nutrients that enhance digestion and soothe the digestive tract.
  • Made from certified-organic Aloe vera, Aloe Fuzion contains the most acemannan of any aloe vera supplement. Acemannan is the active ingredient that soothes occasional inflammation caused by an unhealthy diet.
  • Unlike whole-leaf Aloe vera products, Aloe Fuzion is gentle and will not cause laxative-like effects.

 The Green Body Cleanse - PDF

Dr. Edward F. Group III has compiled over twenty years worth of information into his latest book, The Green Body Cleanse. This is the compendium for research, statistics, tips, recipes, and facts for living a clean, green life (Please request after purchase - sent via email)


Full instructions for how to use the Gut Health Kit are available on the Global Healing website here. You can also download a PDF here