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Chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals are naturally cleansed using Dr. Group's Foot Pads. These foot patches are made with all-natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients and give a safe and pleasant cleaning experience.

  • Boosts Energy Naturally
  • Helps Increase Circulation
  • Promotes Natural & Safe Cleansing

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What Are Dr. Group's Foot Pads?

The water you drink, the air you breathe, the food you consume, and the surroundings in which you live expose your body to harmful toxins every day. These toxins build up over time and have an influence on your entire health and well-being.

Cleansing can help you live a healthier and happier life. Dr. Group's Foot Pads are made with bamboo extracts, herbs, and gemstones, and were developed after years of medical study in Japan.

Cleanse your feet by using one pad to each foot before going to bed!

Health Benefits of Dr. Group's Foot Pads

Every day, we're in contact with harmful toxins from a variety of sources. Removing them from your body can boost your overall health.

Whole-Body Wellness

Natural & Safe Cleansing

For enhanced cleansing, these Foot Pads include pure and potent natural ingredients.

More Natural Energy

Boosts Vitality & Energy

Toxins and pollutants make you feel heavy and lethargic. Getting rid of them from your skin can improve your mood and offer you more energy.

Support cardiovascular health

Helps Circulation

The feet are stimulated by organic, all-natural substances, which improves circulation and the flow of positive energy throughout the body.

Great Reasons To Use Dr. Group's Foot Pads

Woman asleep

Cleansing Your Body

Foot Pads eliminate pollutants from the skin as you sleep, using natural ingredients.

Woman drinking water

Boosts Other Cleanses

Performing a liver or colon cleanse? Using Foot Pads can enhance your results.

Woman relaxing in a chair

Promotes Overall Comfort

Stimulating the feet can bring peace and comfort to your whole body.

A persons feet

Easy to Use, No Side Effects

Foot Pads are practical, simple to use, and have no harmful side effects.

Ingredients & Usage


A patented form of processed zeolite proven to effectively detoxify metals in humans and reduce the speed of cellular oxidation.


Derived from the outer wall of spores and grains, binds like a sponge to toxic metals, toxins, and pesticides.

Organic Wood Vinegar

Supports circulation and produces an osmotic effect that promotes the transport of toxins across cell membranes.

Organic Bamboo Vinegar

Helps discharge undesired waste matter from the body.

Organic Agaricus Blazei Murrill

Incredible wellness promoter grows in the Brazillian red clay with no artificial cultivating processes.

Tourmaline Gemstone

Semi-precious stone and mineral that gives off negative ions and far-infrared rays to help relieve stress and increase alertness.

Amethyst Gemstone

Like Tourmaline, amethyst gemstone emits negative ions; amethyst exerts a cleansing and liberating energy upon the nervous system, promoting a clearing and stabilizing effect.


Absorbs toxins and binds together the other ingredients.

Organic Loquat Leaf

A herb containing several beneficial acids and vitamins. Stimulates secretion of toxins into the foot pad.

Organic Dokudami-Houttuynia cordata

Recognised for generations for its strong toxin absorbing properties. Contains alkaloids that aid in drawing waste into the foot pad.

Apply one Foot Pad to the sole of each foot before bed, every night or every other night to aid your body in cleansing.

In the mornings, you'll see the results of the impurities that were removed while you slept. Simply peel off the foot pads to see that they're discolored, dark brown, hard and bumpy, yellow, or gray in color, with the impurities they've collected from your skin.

After repeated nightly applications, depending on your body, you may see that when you remove the pads, they're not as discolored; this is a clear indication that cleansing was successful.