A bottle of Global Healing's Bio-Active Copper, previously known as CU1 and formulated with Cuprous Nicotinic Acid.
Global Healing's Cuprous Nicotinic Acid (formerly CU1) label.
Global Healing introduces Bio-Active Copper, a Cuprous Nicotinic Acid supplement enriched with copper.

Bio-Active Copper (Formerly CU1)

Copper I (Cu1) can help you improve your overall health. It's a vital trace mineral that cleanses your body from the inside out, improves heart health, strengthens your immune system, and even gives you more energy! 

  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body
  • Immune System Support

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What is Bio-Active Copper?

Your body needs copper, which is an essential trace mineral. When you don't get enough, you can have poor energy, a compromised immune system, and even brain fog. No, thank you! Furthermore, your body only requires a minimal amount of copper to stay healthy. In an ideal world, you'd be able to receive enough copper through your diet. However Global Healing have recognised that life can sometimes get in the way of staying healthy, and that you sometimes need a little additional help.

That is why they developed the Bio-Active Copper supplement. It contains the only kind of copper that your body can actually absorb. Other types of copper may be taken into the bloodstream, but they are unable to reach the cells, where they are required for vital biological processes. Plus, by creating a micro-activated solution, Global Healings have increased the detoxification power or each serving.

Each capsule contains 0.9 milligrammes of Copper I, the daily required level! Unlike other copper supplements, this Bio-active copper mix supports hundreds of key biological functions, getting the job done. Cuprous copper makes an impact in everything from energy levels to brain health!

Health Benefits of Bio-Active Copper

Bio-Active Copper is a potent supplement that will support many of the body’s cellular functions for peak performance.

Green Stars

Detoxifies the Body

Bio-Active Copper is a potent mixture that detoxifies the body from within, calming and balancing your system from the inside out.

More Natural Energy

Boosts Energy Naturally

Bio-Active Copper boosts energy generation by collaborating with mitochondria. You'll notice a boost in energy that's more steady, stable, and productive.

Supports Healthy Immune System

Supports Healthy Immune System

Bio-Active Copper is an antioxidant-rich nutrient that activates and strengthens the immune system against seasonal ailments.

Great Reasons To Try Bio-Active Copper

Couple cycling in the woods

Promotes Cellular Health

Our cutting-edge formula boosts cell formation whilst still protecting them from free radicals.

Man, woman and young child walking

Regulates Inflammatory Response

The antioxidants in Bio-Active Copper soothe the body and help keep unhealthy inflammatory responses at bay.

Family playing football

Promotes a Healthy Heart

Bio-Active Copper I makes your heart happy by assisting in the production of red blood cells and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Man doing press ups

Strengthens Joints & Bones

Copper is an essential mineral that aids in joint health and promotes good bone density!

Ingredients & Usage

Cu1 (cuprous copper) is essential for over 200 reactions and pathways critical to energy, detoxification, immunity, and more.

Other Ingredients: organic gum acacia, vegetable capsule (cellulose).

Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach right before a meal once daily or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

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