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What Is The Kidney Cleanse Kit?

This complete kidney cleansing kit is a comprehensive approach to cleansing your kidneys and rejuvenating your system. Give your kidneys a boost with Renaltrex and facilitate toxin removal with Oxy-Powder and Latero-Flora. This kit is effective and powerful. Start your kidney cleanse today!.

The Kidney Cleanse Kit is designed to detoxify, flush and purge the kidneys of built up toxins. Toxins accumulate and stones form when the kidneys aren't functioning at normal efficiency. A kidney cleanse involves eating a healthy organic diet and drinking an organic, herbal kidney cleanse mixture for 4 days to stimulate the kidneys and soften any deposits. The kidney cleanse protocol also includes an intestinal cleanse with Oxy-Powder and a probiotic supplement, Latero-Flora, that work in tandem to encourage a balanced internal environment.


The Benefits Of Using The Kidney Cleanse Kit

      • Nutritional support helps the kidneys break down and eliminate toxins.
      • Flushes excess uric acid, cleans the urinary tract.
      • Promotes regular fluid balance to release water retention.
      • Oxy-Powder uses the gentle power of oxygen to flush the intestines and colon.
      • Latero-Flora encourages the healthy intestinal flora that enhance digestion.
      • Increases energy and vitality to encourage overall health.

What Is included in The Kidney Cleanse Kit?


      • Dietary supplement that promotes normal kidney function.
      • Helps to purify and detoxify the kidneys.
      • Tightens and tones the urinary tract.
      • Support for overall health and well being.

 Oxy-Powder (120 capsules)

      • Releases monatomic oxygen into the intestinal tract and body to melt away compaction.
      • Safe, effective, non-toxic, and non-allergenic.
      • Promotes normal colon health and regular bowel activity.
      • Clinically proven.
      • Recommended by doctors and therapists worldwide


      • Promotes a positive internal environment.
      • Digestive system support.
      • Encourages normal immune function.
      • Recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals.

 Renaltrex - 1 Bottle

Renaltrex is a dietary supplement used to promote kidney cleansing and support normal kidney function. The kidneys are key organs in the body. They're in the first line of defense for cleaning impurities and neutralizing toxins. Keeping the kidneys clean is great way to help protect yourself against stone formation and other toxicity-related conditions

Oxy-Powder (120 capsules) - 1 Bottle

Oxy-Powder is a high quality, oxygen based colon cleanser with a specifically designed compound that has been ozonated and stabilized to release beneficial free monatomic oxygen into the intestinal tract and body. The time-released delivery ensures Oxy-Powder will provide an adequate amount of oxygen, slowly, for better utilization by the body. Oxy-Powder is non-toxic, safe, effective, and non-allergenic. By using Oxy-Powder, you can melt away or oxidize compaction from the small intestine, large intestine, and colon safely and effectively.

Latero-Flora - 1 Bottle

Latero-Flora (B.O.D.™ strain) will help populate the intestines with beneficial bacteria and can help maintain a healthy colon. Available only through health professionals since introduction in 1989, an ever growing number of individuals, doctors, clinics, and healthcare professionals praise this product and recommend it to their friends and patients

The Green Cleanse PDF The Green Body Cleanse - PDF

Dr. Edward F. Group III has compiled over twenty years worth of information into his latest book, The Green Body Cleanse. This is the compendium for research, statistics, charts, tips, recipes, diagrams and facts concerning living a clean, green life (Please request this after purchase - sent via email)


Full instructions for how to use the Kidney Cleanse Kit are available on the Global Healing website here. You can also download a PDF here

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