Differences between UK and US Oxypowder

Let me start by saying ' There is no difference between the UK and US version of Oxypowder'. The capsules are exactly the same. They are manufactured in the same facility and are bottled by GHC in the same place. The only difference is the labelling and one bottle is glass, the other is recyclable plastic. If you are wanting to follow the Colon Cleanse from Global Healing Center, you can do this with the UK version. 

Why not just sell the US version?

Well, we used to a long time ago. Originally Oxypowder used to contain an ingredient called Germanium 132. This ingredient was banned in the UK for reasons unknown, and as such we could not sell Oxypowder. The solution was to remove the Germanium 132, and sell it without, which we did.

We Needed To Change The Label!

Due to labelling requirements, we were then required to change the label and the serving size for sale in the UK. In the US, the amount suggested (4 capsules) was OK, but in the UK this serving size exceeded the amount allowed as a magnesium supplement, and made Oxypowder a medicinal product, as it would have a laxative effect. We also could not call it a 'Colon Cleanser' for the same reason. We, therefore, had to change the label to say 'Time Released Oxygen Magnesium Compound' and change the serving size to 1 capsule. 

It looks like there is 4 times more Magnesium in the US version?

No there isn't. Again this is just how the labels are different.

UK Label - per 1 capsule

Uk Oxypowder Label

US Label - per 4 capsules

US Oxypowder label

In the States, they are able to list the Magnesium salt compound as the ingredient but for the UK they are required to break down the minerals oxide and hydroxide. This is why the labels show different amounts of Magnesium. The Magnesium in the US version is shown as 2746mgs in oxides (based on 4 capsules) equaling 1400mg of magnesium. The UK version shows 350mg (for 1 capsule) of magnesium. If you multiply the 1 capsule value (350mg) by 4, you get 1400mg. Both bottles are filled with the same capsules, they are just required to show different titles and descriptions due to country compliances

The US version says Gluten-Free and the UK does not - Is the UK not Gluten-Free?

Yes, it is. Differences in regulation are also why the US can have "Gluten Free" on the US label but not in the UK. In the US they are able to label a product as Gluten Free if the ingredients themselves are gluten-free and no gluten is processed in the same facility. However, for the UK it is required that the facility itself is certified "gluten-free" in order to advertise it as such which is why the UK bottle is not showing the Gluten-free logo, even though the product is gluten-free.

The bottle doesn't have a date on it?

Oxypowder Date

It does, it can be difficult to see in the wrong light. It is on the neck of the bottle, etched into the plastic. You'll see a 'Best By' date. The number is shown in the format MM-YYYY, so in this image, it is July 2021

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