Plant-Based Immune Boost

Plant-Based Immune Boost

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Plant-Based Vitamin C

Plant-Based Immune Boost

Plant-Based Immune Boost is made with potent botanicals, mushrooms, and aromatics in a powerful and measured combination that elevates the immune system by supporting immune cell function, regulating the immune response, and defending against harmful organisms.
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GH-Immune Boost

Global Healing Plant-Based Immune Boost is designed to support a healthy immune system and help defend against the harmful organisms that make you feel less than your best. The powerful Raw Herbal Extract™ blend of organic herbs, mushrooms, and aromatics work synergistically while the Energized Trace Minerals™ and plant essences enhance absorption and utilization.

The Health Benefits Of Immune Boost

Imuune System Defence

Plant-Based Immune Boost is a complete formula that supports, regulates, and optimizes a healthy immune system. Use in the winter months for an added boost, or all year round.

Immune System

Free radicals are toxins and metabolic byproducts that cause wear and tear on cells. Plant-Based Immune Boost has antioxidant-rich ingredients like elderberry, which give your immune cells energy to protect you.

Harmfull Organism

This supplement supports the various types of white blood cells that make up your immune system and defend against harmful organisms. When your immune system is efficient and dialed-in, it recognizes threats to your health and springs into action immediately for quick relief.

Easy To Use

Plant-Based Immune Boost is a concentrated liquid formula with a rich, herbal flavor. It comes with a graduated dropper so getting the right serving is a breeze. Take it by itself or mix it in your water or juice. You can even add it to your smoothie for an immune-elevating boost!

Maintain your health year-round, even during seasonal health challenges. It's great-tasting, easy to use, and the two-ounce (60ml) bottle lasts about one month when taken as directed.

More Information
Size2oz fluid oz (59.2ml)
Plant based immune boost supplement facts
Proprietary Blend1 ml*
Organic Elderberry (fruit), Organic Echinacea (herb), Organic Enokitake Mushroom (fruiting body), Organic Birch Polypore Mushroom (fruiting body), Organic Olive (leaf), Organic Pine (bark)

Other Ingredients: organic glycerin (from organic mustard seed), triple-distilled water, organic plant essence blend (organic tulsi, organic turmeric, organic lemongrass), energized trace minerals.

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Suggested Use

Shake bottle well. Take 1 ml twice daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.

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