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Oxypoints Loyalty Rewards Program

Create An Account

First things first - You need to have an account to use Oxypoints, otherwise we have no way of saving them against your details. If you checkout as a guest, you wont earn any points!

It's a good idea to create an account anyway, especially if you plan on making repeat purchases from our store, as you can save your delivery addresses, view previous orders and make repeat purchases etc, saving you the headache of filling in your details every time.

You'll get 100 Points, just for creating an account - thats £1.00 worth of points straight away!

You can use the link here to sign up for a free account with us, or just enter a password at the checkout when you place your next order, and it will create an account for you automatically after your purchase.


How Do I earn My Oxypoints?

Tell Us Your Birthday

Let us know your date of birth (we won't tell!), and we'll send you some points to spend as a birthday gift on us. You can add your date of birth by logging into your account, and clicking on "account Information" on the left hand menu.

We add 200 Oxypoints to your account the day before your birthday - that's £2.00 on us! .....You're welcome

Make A Purchase

Get points for every item you buy, good toward anything in our store - for free - no kidding! Every 100 points are worth £1.00, and you can redeem as many or as little as you like at checkout. Want to use them all on one purchase, no problem - want to save them up and get something for free at a later date - its up to you. 

You can check your current points balance from within your account, by clicking on the Reward Points link on the left hand menu. You can also see your points history, what youve earned per purchase, and when your points expire. Points last for 1 year.

Write A Review

Reviews are a great way to let other buyers know whether you think a product is good or bad. Why not write a review and let them know what your thoughts are. Was it worth the money?, did you get the results you wanted? Let other customers know to help them make an informed choice.

As long as your review is beneficial to the customer, and provides advice about the product, then we will approve it, and reward you, the reviewer for your trouble.

Get 100 Oxypoints per approved review.


All the ways to earn oxypoints are listed above on this page. Basically, we reward you for your purchases by awarding you points based on the value of your order. At present, this is approximately 5% of your purchase price, excluding delivery.

You can check your Oxypoints balance at any time by logging into your account. Once you're logged in you can see your current points balance shown at the top of the page above the Navigation menu. You can also see your points balance by clicking on 'Reward Points' from the left hand menu whilst in your account page. This area will show you the total points earned, total points spent, as well as any points due to expire.


Your Oxypoints only last 12 months. If you've not purchased from us for over 12 months, you're points will have expired, and can no loner be redeemed. You can check how many points you have earned and redeemed at a 'per order' level, by clicking on the 'Reward Point History' section from the left hand menu when you are logged into your account page.


You can redeem your points when you are on the cart page, or when you are at the checkout page, but simply adding the amount of points you wish to redeem. The discount will be relected in the cart totals.

checkout box

The amount of Oxypoints you can earn is based on your cart value, and will be shown on the checkout page, above the totals. You can also see how many points you are redeeming if you have decided to use any of your current Oxypoints balance. Remeber - the points you see at the top of the summary page are what you 'could' earn if and when you make your purchase - not what you can redeem on this visit.


Yes. We can check your balance from any previous rewards program we may have offered in the past, and if the points have not expired, transfer them onto your new account, providing you have created one. 

Any Oxypoints earned from the returned items will be deducted from your account. If your retuned item was purchased with Oxypoints, then these will be added back to your account.

Really? We thought we'd covered everything there was to know about Oxypoints on this page, but if weve not covered anything you need to know, please drop us an email, or fill in our contact form, and we will get back to you with an answer.