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Oxy-Powder is the all-natural approach to intestinal cleansing. It uses the power of oxygen to gently cleanse and detoxify your entire digestive tract. With Oxy-Powder, getting rid of compacted waste is easy. Take it at night and let it work while you sleep. Gas, bloating, straining, and occasional constipation become a thing of the past. 
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Why use Oxypowder™ 

Oxy-Powder is a specifically designed compound which has been ozonated and stabilised to release beneficial nascent oxygen into the intestinal tract and body. The time-released delivery ensures that Oxy-Powder will provide an adequate amount of oxygenated magnesium, slowly, for better utilisation by the body. Oxy-Powder is a non-toxic, safe, effective and non-allergic. Oxy-Powder is also harmless to the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. Oxy-Powder™ uses a proprietary process of creating oxides of magnesium. Did You Know ... The colon’s main function is the reabsorption of nutrients and water into our bodies and the elimination of toxic wastes through regular bowel movements. When the bowel is impacted, however, problems arise such as constipation, haemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis and colon cancer. Common symptoms resulting from accumulated toxins in the bowel can include headaches, bad breath, allergy symptoms, PMS, fatigue, depression, irritability, bloating, and frequent infections. By using Oxy-Powder to maintain a healthy colon and rid the colon of toxins, many of these can be prevented.


The Benefits of Using Oxypowder 

  • Cleanses, flushes and detoxifies your colon while you sleep
  • Dislodges toxin-filled faecal matter without harming the natural flora in your intestines
  • Easy capsules, no horrible tasting concoctions!
  • Does not require time off work or an interruption to your daily schedule.
  • Uses oxygen for a gentle and safe cleansing of impurities, toxins, and harmful organisms.


Top 5 Questions about Oxypowder

  1. Should I only use Oxy-Powder when I'm constipated? Oxy-Powder can be used as an intestinal cleansing agent or to relieve the symptoms of constipation. This means that anyone that uses Oxy-Powder can and will benefit from its oxygen cleansing properties.
  2. Will I lose weight while using Oxy-Powder? Oxy-Powder is not designed to promote weight loss. While some people have reported weight loss up to 20 pounds when using Oxy-Powder, this is not body fat or muscle, but is the elimination of stored, compacted fecal matter.
  3. Can I take Oxy-Powder with over the counter products? No contraindications have been reported when taking Oxy-Powder with over the counter products as long as the Oxy-Powder is taken 6 hours before or 6 hours after the medicine. It's always best to check with your health care professional before adding any supplement to your regimen.

Read our blog post for the differences between the UK and US versions of Oxypowder here

More Information
Oxy-powder Ingredients

Ingredients (per capsule)

  • Elemental Magnesium (From 350 mg of Ozonated Magnesium Oxides)
    Ozonated magnesium is the only form of magnesium that is capable of releasing nascent oxygen into the digestive tract and bloodstream to support your digestive health. Oxy-Powder provides a steady, controllable stream of oxygen into your body over at least an 18-hour period.
  • Natural Citric Acid
    When combined with the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, this natural compound is a catalyst for the oxygenation process. The high solubility and zero toxicity of citric acid make it a perfect complement to the other ingredients. We only use non-GMO, natural, citric acid.

Other Ingredients

  • Organic gum acacia
    Added as a flow agent, Dr. Group revolutionized the supplement manufacturing industry by refusing to add toxic fillers, binders and excipients like magnesium stearate to his products. He researched many substances and developed and tested all natural approaches and replacements using either organic diatomaceous earth or organic gum acacia. Unfortunately, manufacturers are still using cheap, toxic compounds in their formulations.
  • Kosher certified vegetarian capsules
    All natural, vegan-friendly, Kosher-certified. Easy to swallow, easy to digest, dissolves rapidly to quickly deliver Oxy-Powder. No preservatives or chemicals.
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Take 1 capsule daily to help maintain a healthy digestive system.

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