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Mycozil 120 Capsules


Ginseng Fuzion 2 fl oz (59.2ml) Bottle

Ginseng Fuzion


NeuroFuzion is an all-natural blend of minerals and herbs that support calm and balanced emotional states and normal brain function. Whether you want to reduce your stressful thoughts or just optimize how your brain works, NeuroFuzion can help
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What is Neurofuzion?

Your brain is the most complex organ in your body. It's also the most vulnerable to stress. Although it's common to experience stress from time to time, the build-up of anxiety over years can impact your well-being more than you might think.

Neurofuzion was produced after 7 years of research and is designed to produce a healthy response to stress, irritation, mood swings, depressive thoughts and more. It vegan-friendly, and developed from a proprietary blend of non-GMO herbs. As we age we lose about 30-50,000 brain cells every day, and by the age of 40, a cognitive ability such as thinking, focusing and concentrating can naturally decline. Consider taking Neurofuzion if you find yourself burdened with mental fatigue, would like assistance with relaxation and restful sleep, or would like to sharpen your mind, and enhance your mood


  • Supports a healthy response to stress.
  • Encourages relaxation and restful sleep.
  • Calms frayed nerves, revitalizes the nervous system.
  • Promotes neurological clarity and physical rejuvenation.
  • Sharpens the mind and enhances mood.
  • Promotes healthy ageing.
  • No known side effects.
  • Natural source of antioxidants.
More Information
Neurofuzion Ingredients

  • Lithium (from 180mg Lithium orotate)
    Lithium orotate has been shown to rejuvenate brain grey matter and protect it from toxins. It's used to promote a positive mood and reaction to stress.
  • Zinc (from 20 mg zinc orotate)
    An essential element required for cellular metabolism, tissue growth, and enzyme activity, zinc influences the release of hormones and the transmission of information along nerves.
  • Proprietary Blend
    • Bacopa Monnieri extract ( 20% Bacopa saponins)
      One of the most important herbs used in Ayurvedic traditions, Bacopa monnieri, or brahmi, revitalizes brain cells, helps remove toxins, and supports memory and concentration.
    • Mucuna Pruriens 15% L Dopa
      Levodopa, or L-DOPA, is the direct precursor to dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.
    • Passionflower (herb) extract 4:1
      For persons who prefer homoeopathic remedies, passionflower is ideal; it is a natural therapy that can boost mood and fight the effects of anxiety and stress.
    • St. John's Wort (herb) extract (4:1)
      Has been used for centuries to promote mental wellness.
    • Rhodiola Rosea extract (root)
      Stimulates the nervous system and the production of serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that makes you feel good; depleted dopamine is typical of persons with attention deficits.
    • Saffron 2-4:1
      A popular cooking spice, saffron is also credited for promoting relaxation and stress reduction.

Other Ingredients

  • Nu-FLOW® Organic Rice Hulls
  • Vegetarian capsules (cellulose)
    Vegan-friendly vegetable capsules are used instead of standard drug capsules that are composed of protein sourced from bovine, porcine, equine, and even fish.
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Suggested Use

Take 2 capsules 2x daily or as recommended by your healthcare provider.