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Mycozil is a unique, all-natural formula designed to support the body’s natural cleansing of yeast and fungal organisms. If you’ve struggled with Candida, struggle no longer.
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What Is Mycozil? 

Bring Balance to Your Body

Mycozil® provides nutritional support that encourages your body's natural defences against yeast and fungus imbalance.

Promotes Internal Harmony

Your body contains many friendly organisms that assist with digestion and other tasks. When harmful yeast or fungus proliferates, friendly organisms are overtaken and can't do their job. Mycozil® will assist in keeping the rowdy organisms in check.

Works in Conjunction with Full Body Cleansing

Along with the colon, liver, and kidney cleansing, harmful organism cleansing and promoting normal yeast levels applies to nearly everyone. Everyone's body contains Candida and imbalances are extremely common.

Highest Quality Product of its Kind

The organic and wildcrafted ingredients in Mycozil® are carefully selected, it does not contain any bulk substances from China. Extreme quality control exists at all levels of production and it's packaged in a recyclable, UV-protectant glass bottle.

More Information
Mycozil Supplement Facts
  • Wildcrafted Jatoba (bark)
    Jatoba is a rainforest tree with compounds that are toxic to harmful organisms and fungus.
  • Wildcrafted Pau D’Arco (bark)
    Pau d’arco is a herb found in the rainforests of the Amazon. Its indigenous use against harmful organisms and fungus goes back centuries.
  • Organic Licorice (root)
    Liquorice root has a long history of use for supporting harmful organism cleansing.
  • Organic Anise (seed)
    Potent against harmful organisms, anise is reputed to have been used since the seventh century.
  • Beta Glucanase
    Beta glucanase enzymes break down the cell wall of many fungal organisms, including candida.
  • Hemicellulase
    Hemicellulase is the enzyme that breaks down hemicellulose. Candida cell walls contain hemicellulose.
  • Fulvic Acid
    Fulvic acid naturally boosts the bioavailability and absorption of important nutrients.
  • Brevibacillus laterosporus
    Brevibacillus laterosporus is a spore-bearing microorganism that helps establish colonies of healthy intestinal flora.

Other Ingredients

  • Organic gum acacia
    Added as a flow agent, Global Healing Center revolutionized the supplement manufacturing industry by refusing to add toxic fillers, binders and excipients like magnesium stearate to our products. Dr. Group researched many substances and found organic acacia gum to be the most superior.
  • Vegetarian capsule (cellulose)
    Vegan-friendly vegetable capsules are used instead of standard drug capsules that are composed of protein sourced from bovine, porcine, equine, and even fish.
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Suggested Use

Take 3 capsules 2 times daily before meals or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

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