Colon Cleanse Program

Colon Cleanse Program

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Uk Liver Cleanse Kit by Global Healing UK

Liver Cleanse Program

Colon Cleanse Program

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The Colon Cleanse Program is a 6 day cleanse created to help cleanse and rejuvenate the colon, whilst re-populating the gut with healthy bacteria, helping restore your gut to a healthier state. Full details of the cleanse can be found on this page so you know whats involved in the cleanse before you buy.
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The Colon Cleanse Program

The Colon Cleanse Program is designed to clean your small intestine, large intestine, and colon of toxins and impacted fecal matter. It combines an oxygen-based cleanser with probiotic support.
First, Oxy-Powder® releases monatomic oxygen directly into your digestive tract to flush and neutralize toxins. Then, Latero-Flora™ repopulates your gut with beneficial probiotics to support healthy digestion to help absorb toxins and create a balanced pH!

How important is it to clean your colon?
Cleansing the colon improves and encourages healthy digestion, removing toxic build up and compacted waste. By doing this, irritation like bloating, gas, or occasional constipation go away. 


The Colon Cleanse Program includes:

Oxy-powder 120 capsules bottle by Global HealingOxy-Powder® (120 capsules)

Oxy-Powder contains natural ozonated magnesium and citric acid. It releases oxygen to loosen impacted waste and cleanse the entire digestive tract

Latero Flora 60 capsules bottle by global healingLatero-Flora™ (60 capsules)

Latero-Flora is a probiotic supplement that populates the intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria, to strengthen the microbiota in your gut and aid digestion

More Information

Oxypowder 120 capsules Bottle by Global Healing Oxy-Powder 120 capsules

Oxypowder 120 capsules supplement facts

Latero Flora 60 capsule by Global HealingLatero Flora 60 capsules

Latero Flora Supplement facts label

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Full instructions for how to use the Colon Cleanse Program are available to view by clicking on the 'Product PDF' Tab

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