CIBDOL Hydradol (Hydrating relief for normal to dry skin)

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Cibdol Hydradol moisturising cream is powerfully packed with CBD and other active ingredients to hydrate normal to dry skin. Enlisting the help of liposomes, Hydradol's daily formula reaches deep into the skin’s layers for maximum effectiveness. Using natural extracts, Hydradol soothes the skin without the 

Hydradol: Hydrating relief for normal to dry skin

At long last, there is a hydrating cream that targets dry skin cells with the strength and therapeutic diversity of Cannabidiol. Hydradol is more than just another CBD product. At Cibdol, we ensure that our CBD content comes in the form of full plant extracts from the Cannabis sativa plant. Calling upon the restorative powers of the natural plant phytocomplex, we have created a cream that puts quality and customer care at the forefront.

How does Hydradol work?

Hydradol is comprised of several key ingredients that combine to administer a potent dose of nourishing, natural relief to hydrate dry skin. In addition to containing the active ingredient CBD, Hydradol also contains Potassium Ascorbate, Urea, Ceramide, L- Arginine, L-Serine and Lactic acid.

The presence of Potassium ascorbate and Urea administer deep and long-lasting moisture to get you on the path to healthier skin. Ceramide, L-Arginine and L-Serine synergize to provide the skin with the important building blocks it requires to structure and mediate permeability in the skin water barrier.

Why liposomes?

Cibdol’s progressive use of liposomes brings the entire formula together by allowing active ingredients to successfully make their way past the intestines without being compromised. When applied to nutraceutical supplements, liposomes encapsulate ingredients in a structurally sound sac that increases bioavailability.

Liposomes have been used in a similar fashion in pharmaceutical drugs for years, delivering ingredients with an added layer of support. Liposomes have a low absorption rate, supporting slower metabolization of active ingredients to the human body.

How to use Hydradol

Using Hydradol is easy - simply apply the gentle cream moisturiser 2x per day. This formula can be used on both the face and body to deliver key hydration to dry patches of skin.

Quantity 50ml
CBD Content 100mg


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