Our New Look Website

Welcome to our new look store. We have big plans for 2019, with offers and discounts throughout the year. Make sure you register for an account when you make your purchase to ensure you can take advantage of all our future offers. As with any new website, there are bound to be changes or differences to the way you purchase from us. Hopefully, it is a better experience all round, but if not, please let us know so we can take action and make your visit as seamless as possible

We Have Not Migrated Any Accounts

When moving to the new store we decided NOT to migrate all the customers and order details. This was due to the fact that a lot of accounts were either old, not used, had old email addresses associated with them etc, so we wanted a fresh start. The downside is that you will need to create a new account and password.


Oxypoints have not yet been migrated, due to no customer accounts being migrated. We have however kept a record of all points. We will in time be transferring the old points across as new accounts are created. if your points are not showing when you create an account, just drop us an email, and we will add them to your account. We have some new exciting offers for Oxypoints, including the opportunity to have tiered membership for our most loyal customers.

Finally, if you have any issues with your purchase or account, just drop us an email or give us a call, and we will be sure to reach out and help as best we can.