Global Healing Thyroid Health Kit

I've got a question for you. Do you know what your hormones, energy levels and metabolism all have in common? They're all regulated by your thyroid gland, which is located right here at the base of your throat.

Your thyroid is a master controller for your entire endocrine system. And if it gets imbalanced or toxic, it can really affect how you feel. First, let's talk about why it's so important to be proactive about this.

Many people are not even aware that they may have a thyroid condition. The American Thyroid Association says that thyroid issues affect over 20 million Americans and 80 percent of those people are women. So if you've experienced things like low energy, weight gain, mood swings, depression, brain fog, there's a good chance that your thyroid has something to do with it.

And if you've never really thought much about your thyroid, now is the time to start. And the good news is that the right nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are really effective for maintaining a healthy thyroid. There are a few nutrients in particular that your thyroid requires to function properly, namely iodine, selenium and B12. Now, in a perfect world, you get sufficient amounts of these in your diet on a regular basis. But the fact is that most people don't.

And that's why we developed the thyroid health kit. It's a 60 day total solution for complete thyroid health. It includes both our powerful organic iodine supplement Detoxadine and our organic plant based Selenium that's made from organic mustard seeds.

Together, they provide the nutrition your thyroid needs to keep your energy levels, metabolism and more all in check.

The thyroid health kit also includes our vegan friendly certified Organic B12 Tri Blend. It's a potent blend of the most bio active forms of V12. It's perfect for adding another layer of protection to keep your energy levels up and your mind sharp and focused.

So if you want to feel more energized, boost your metabolism, clear out the brain fog and just have better control over your own health and wellness. Order the thyroid health kit today. It comes with a full year to love it money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Join the thousands of other people we've helped live a happier and healthier life and get the thyroid health kit day.

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