This is a question that we get asked quite a lot, so here is a quick blog post to help you find the expiry date on your Global Healing Center product.

The date is the US version, which follows the Month, Day and Year format. This means the date is read as MM/DD/YY. It also has a batch number after it, which means nothing to us as users.

So, if the number on the bottle reads 0531203, it should be read as 05/31/20/3. Using the above MM/DD/YY/Batch No. this translates to May/31st/2020/Batch 3

Easy right?

The date on most products can be found etched either into the base of the bottle, or on the shoulder of the bottle. On some items, the date is still fixed on by a small sticker. GHC have advised that all their product lines will be etched or laser printed by the end of this year.

Some images below will help you find the various location of the dates.

Oxypowder Date

This is a bottle of oxypowder. The date can be seen etched onto the base

1. Month
2. Day
3. Year
4. Batch No.

Here is the 1oz bottle of Vegansafe B12. The date is fixed by a label on the base of the bottle

Vegansafe B12 date label

Below is the B12 2oz Bottle. Its date has the new format printed on the shoulder of the bottle

Vegansafe B12 2oz Bottle

Hopefully the above will help you decode the expiry date of your bottle. If for any reason you are still unsure, please get in touch.

One thing you can be sure of. Being the main UK distributor, all our stock has a quick turnover and is always fresh. Something that may not always be said for other resellers.